Sunday’s @ 11:30 am-12:30pm

Social Hall- Room 2

Our Current Focus!

A portion of Sunday morning has been reserved for the exposition of Deuteronomy. Deuteronomy has been selected for its rich theological content which shall surely meet particular objectives of this ministry:


Theological Fortification

The whole of Scripture-educates us of the one true God. As an evangelistic ministry dedicated to the youth, it is vitally important for us that our youth grow with a biblical understanding of the one true God revealed in Scripture.  Fortifying our youth in this area of their intellect (their theological understanding) is of utmost importance inlight of the highly-relativistic, post-modern, existential society that our youth inhabit. Scripture is inspired, infallible, inerrant, and authoritative-the only source that forms and fortifies our understanding of the Creator and Savior of the world. Deuteronomy has been prayefully considered for this one task.

Gospel Amplification

We can never lose sight of what the Lord intended his church to do on earth- evangelize those lost and captivated by their sin. Our ministry for the most part involves the weekly evangelization of our youth. We desire our youth to come to a true and saving understanding of the precious gospel of Jesus Christ.                                                                                                                                                  Deuteronomy amplifies several key aspects of the gospel message that need to be understood in order to positively respond to the gospel message, those such as the:

the Holiness of God

the identification and nature of sin

Prioritization of Family

The current youth generation at large has embraced the phenomenon of “social media”. Hundreds of social media platforms designed for the instant sharing and dispersing of information (of all formats: pictures, videos, text) has been thought to increase the sociabilty of the current youth generation. yet not much is further from the truth.

The current youth generation (especially in America) is suffering from immense decalibration of their orientation within the unit of the family. What was purposed to make them more”sociable” and shorten the gaps between relatives and friends, has caused “miles” of distances to appear between their own immediate family members. Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers -couldnt be farther away from each other.  Not only has the fabric of the “family” been slowly dissolving but the current youth generation appears to be dis-interested in forming new ones. Perpetual adolescence is at an all time high with many facets of our culture and society encouraging it and celebrating it.

Deuteronomy contains timeless principles (pertaining family life) that can be ascertained while closely examining the theological and historical purpose of the book. God chose Israel at one point in history to be his chosen people for his redemptive purposes. It is in Deuteronomy where we can percieve what God intended Israel to be as a nation-a nation built of strong God-fearing families. Family relationships have a God-given priority that must be honored and maintained in their God-given design.


Approach: Inductive Study and Exposition