June 15-16- Friday & Saturday

Berea Youth :World Cup Frenzy!!!

World Cup Frenzie

The World Cup 2018 is around the corner and we are ready for it!

We invite all Berea Youth to come and enjoy some World Cup fun!

Length of Event: 7:00[Friday]  – 9am [Saturday] *Pick up then

Location: Social Hall

  • Time in the Word!
  • 3v3 Tournament!
  • Games and contests!
  • fun food
  • World Cup prizes
  • Super-fan sleep-over [social hall] ————————-> berea youth permission slip (1)
  • World Cup Game: Argentina vs Iceland [6am]
  • Game Time Breakfast

What to bring?

If you are planning on sleeping over: bold items are required


  • Permission Slip
  • Sleeping Bag/Pillow
  • Pajamas
  • Bag [for personal belongings]


  1. Bible
  2. Soccer Jersey
  3. Athletic Shoes


  1. Kids are not required to spend the night. Regular event hours will be 7pm-11:30pm.
  2. If, you plan on letting your kid stay overnight: a permission slip is required for each _Submit to Lloyd
  3. No dinner will be provided- only night snacks/ morning breakfast
  4. Overnight Event Staff: selected Leadership approved Berea Church members


June 19th- Tuesday

berea fundraiser (1)

more info coming soon!

June 26- Tuesday

Movie Night [More info coming soon]